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The Social Seed is a dynamic and powerful IDX search plugin comparable to Zillow and Redfin, that gives YOU the ability to provide a user experience to compete directly on your own SITE!

Guess what though!?

The best part of the Social Seed package is not just the new age search feature, but the fact that it is coupled with effective web funnels, retargeting strategies, and targeted ads via FaceBook and Google AdWords which helps artistically magnetize consumers your way. Both buyers and sellers… Yes, SELLERS!

How cool is that!?

What In The Heck Is The Social Seed!?

Once traction is threaded within the website we produce for our clients, then the magic really starts to happen.

A built-in market boost feature begins to fuel potential sellers information which then keeps prospects educated about homes in their vicinity and provides market statistics about their neighborhood.

Creating top of mind awareness until they are ready to sell is the whole objective, and my oh my does this one keep you in the conversation effortlessly!

Our agency has been officially certified by and we absolutely love outside the box marketing!

We understand the concepts of real estate marketing in a digital age, which enables us to streamline client ideas into a mapped out plan of attack that generates effective results.

Objectively, we strive to produce more leads that blossom into transactions for our clients without changing their entire business model. You can always learn more by scheduling a demo. We are here to help!

Social Seed

Only $369 Per Month!!!

Implement The Social Seed Today, To Get More Eyeballs On Your Business Tomorrow!


You either love Zillow, or you dislike it.  We find most that dislike Zillow is mostly because they take agent listing information and repopulate it with the sole intention to sell leads back to anyone in real estate that is wanting more business.

 On the brighter side of things, Hyper-Farmer integrates a Zillow type search onto one of their current Wordpress themes or custom platforms and counterattacks with a dosage of their own medicine.  The impressive part of it all is that when leads come in, they are solely YOURS!

 Reach new levels within your platform and generate your leads at a much more affordable cost per lead today!


 What is a lead magnet?

 A lead magnet is a strategy that a real estate agent can offer to potential buyers and sellers in exchange for their email address or contact information.

 Hyper-Farmer magnets will offer a piece of digital content, such as free PDF market reports, seller information, and relevant tips specific to your consumers in your selling territory.

 Once we get the traffic to your site, we then can retarget and follow potential buyers and sellers online.  Objectively we strive to create a top of mind awareness to keep you in the conversation after the magnet has been initiated to lead you to victory.


Our agency prides itself in the graphics and designs we produce for our clients.  We steer clear from the cookie cutter replications you often find with similar companies to ours out there.  We strive for perfection with the ultimate intention to help our clients stand out like a sore thumb from the rest of the pack.

 Our graphics and web development team synergize effectively, so whether we produce a postcard, website, or ad creative, it remains in unison throughout.


 Hyper-Farmer loves marketing.  We take the community in which our clients sell and put ourselves in the shoes of your local buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Info

1. Listings

Showcasing your listings on your website is imperative.  The more interactive you are, the better position you are essentially putting yourself into.  Think videos, Matterport, high-resolution images of the showcased property, etc.  The more things you can provide to us, the better job we can do for you.

2. Trends in the Market

Our Market Boost feature will update your consumer wat hyper-local community market reports without you having to lift a finger.  The beautiful thing about this feature is you can also upload all your past contacts and streamline a communicative path to shake some fruit from the tree in that regard.  Market trends are generally the best way to initiate a conversation with sellers if that is your primary objective.

3. FAQs - Buyers and Sellers

Have you received a question from a past client that would serve the consumer well? If so, add it to your website!  Many questions with buyers and sellers tend to be similar and by taking a proactive approach will demonstrate you have had your feet to the fire through past experiences.  Plus the more original content your site has, the better position you are giving yourself for organic ranking in the search engines.

Local Community Information

  1. Area School Districts

An essential factor in the home buying process undoubtedly is schooling.  By staying in the loop with school rankings, events, and other crucial bullet points gives your consumer an inside glimpse about the community.  Educating about education will always go a long way.

2. Future Community Events

When you become involved in the city, the better the position, you are putting yourself.  By being a pro-active real estate agent shows you take the time to educate your buyers and sellers.  Being a part of the culture within the community goes a long way, and your clients will be thankful for the knowledge you put forward.

 3. Local Sports Teams

If you love sports, think about how many other people feel the same.  It doesn’t matter much if the team is professional, college, or high school. Perhaps create a sports section within your blog to provide updates and highlight upcoming events.  Content is king, remember that.


 What Is An SSL Certificate?

SSL or in long-term, Secure Sockets Layer certificates have been available for use for quite some time.  Hyper-Farmer ensures that an SSL certificate will be present to enable sensitive data from the website's visitors and transferred over a secure network.

How Important To Have An SSL Certificate?

Um… Yes, very important.

Do you want to be secure or insecure?  By increasing your site's security, Hyper-Farmer’s SSL certificates will defend sensitive data in and out of your site.  This information can range from login details, registration signups, incoming addresses, and payments (Maybe you operate a leasing company).   Hyper-Farmer’s SSL certificates will encrypt connection and protect your visitors’ data from being exploited by hackers.

We understand your job is to sell real estate, know we have your back at all times.


Our agency at Hyper-Farmer understands just how critical the support role is in this real estate industry.  In this fast-paced business, deadlines must be met under the gun without question, and we get that.

We take pride in helping clients maintain, scale, and extend their business model in everything that we do.  To refresh that includes web programming, design, and marketing.

Digital support compass


The head of our company, Jason Holdinski, has been officially certified by and is a member of arguably the most prolific real estate mastermind in the entire country, the Closing Table.

These foundational strategies are the core of our marketing solutions and are available to our clients as advanced training.  We apply these directly into your business to blueprint a path to launch your success into new horizons.

Learn more today by booking an appointment by clicking the “Book Appointment” button.