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How to Use Online Reviews of Your Client’s Testimonials to Grow Your Real Estate Business

More and more, first hand client’s testimonials are playing an important role in driving new consumers to business, especially real estate.  85% of consumers actually use online reviews to evaluate local businesses. Think about it this way, if you were to buy something on Ebay, many would not only take into consideration the description and pictures […]

Real Estate Website Home Page Musts

They always say that first impressions mean the world and can impact the way people see you moving forward. There’s no difference in that than in your marketing. Your real estate website home page is like walking into class on the first day, you want to be fresh, clean and approachable. Be sure to follow […]

Pinterest for Real Estate

What is Pinterest? It is a visual social media site, where you can pin ideas, inspirations, information, videos and things you like on a Board and then share them with your followers. Pinterest is simple to use. Go to and click on the “Join Pinterest” button and create an account. You can re-pin pictures […]