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Four Ways to Provide Valuable Web Content on Your Website

Four Ways to Provide Valuable Web Content on Your Website

Having a web presence is paramount to having success within any industry these days, but even more so in Real Estate. Over 90% of home buyers go online first to start their home search, so if you do not have the right things to offer a viewer, they will quickly move on to another agent’s site without a moment’s hesitation. What you write will establish you as an expert in your area, but before you start writing keep these tips in mind to create valuable web content:

  1. Know Your Audience: Is the page for the people already in the community, or potential new neighbors? Make a list of all the people you want to come to this page in order to know what to provide on the website to make people happy and continue to return to your page.
  2. Make It Easy to Read: We are a visual society, so if someone were to just find tons of blocks of text on your page, they may shy away from it. Keep things brief and to the point. Utilize short paragraphs, bulleted points, and numbered items for a quick and easy read.
  3. Write With Your Audience In Mind: This is probably the most time consuming because you really need to think about WHAT to write for WHO you want on your page. A great way to do this is send out a survey or questionnaire to the people that you listed as those you want to visit your page.
  4. Content Isn’t Just Text on a Page: Be sure to add photos and videos to attract people and keep them on your page.

Once your mind has these things mastered, finding topics to write about either for your website content pages or your real estate blog will be a piece of cake. Overall, you will find success with bringing people to your site, keeping them on it, and ultimately reaching out to you for your services.

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